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OMEGA 6 (Hawaii)

Les Swashbuckling Napoleons (Thesis and Bleubird)

Kavet the Catalyst

Kavet The Catalyst
Kavet the catalyst
Livicated 2 EP
Pilot Episode EP
Television Head
Neveruary ***2009***
-DJ Mixes-
Wop Yo Jaws
Four Eyed Fish



Artist: Soundness of Mind
Title: Seasons of Aspect
Year: 2009
Label: n/a
Genre: Hip-Hop
Type: Album


Ripped on: 07.26.2009
Ripper: DGN
Quality: avgkbps / 44.1kHz / Joint-Stereo
Size: 59,0 MB
Playtime : 50:14 min
Grabber: Eac
Encoder: Lame 3.97 V2 New


01. the awakening 02:04
02. seasons of aspect 02:40
03. open your mind 02:26
04. pass the mic 02:23
05. somthin fo tha bitchez 02:51
06. across the atlantic 03:14
07. aeroplain 03:41
08. roots rap reggae 03:55
09. diversity 05:11
10. vengar 03:43
11. gone so far 03:36
12. the prediction 04:28
13. last chance 05:25
14. good lies good death 04:37

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Title [Galapagos4 10th Anniversary]
Artist [VA]
Label [Galapagos4]
Genre [Hip-Hop]
Quality/Size [44.1@VBR61,9 MB]
Ripped [07-29-2009]
Grabbed from [CDDA]
Enc [Lame 3.97]
Website []

Track Time Title
?-- ?-- ?------

01. 03:07 Robust - G4 Anthem Remix
02. 04:00 Hellsent - Number 9
03. 03:57 Qwel and Maker - Welcome To Chicago
04. 02:40 Outerlimitz - Don't Ever Compete
05. 05:50 Galapagos4 - Live In Chicago 2009
06. 04:50 Mestizo - 30 Pieces Of Silver
07. 03:46 Offwhyte - Missing Peace
08. 02:51 Mike Gao - Melamine Breast Milk
09. 03:26 Dirty Digital - Dream Distorted
10. 02:26 Denizen Kane - Holding Up The Wall
11. 04:17 Qwel and Jackson Jones - Red C
12. 03:13 Robust - Room To Grow
13. 03:14 Offwhyte - Equinox (Express Yourself Remix)
14. 03:45 Dirty Digital - My Life (Instrumental)
15. 04:42 Typical Cats - Any Day (Live At Reggies 2009)

15. 56:04 min

Release Notes:

Limited CD, put together by Galapagos4 for their 10th
Anniversary show in Chicago. Don't sleep!!

Track 1 produced by Dreas. 2 produced by Max, from upcoming
"False Profit" album. 3 from upcoming "So Be It" album. 6
produced by the Ex-Patriots. 10 produced by Mister Rey, from
the upcoming "Brother Man's Journey to the West" album. 12
produced by Dreas, from the upcoming "Grown" album. 14
produced by Silence.

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This Superorganism Is Certainly A Grower

Don't know quite why we've sat on this beautifully sun glazed off-key Hip-hop adventure from Canadian beatsmith ProF for so long but you'd all better get a move on if you want to pick this up for free as you've only got til Saturday. Here's a few of our choice cuts but you can pick the whole thing up here.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

1 Rich And Greedy
2 Love
3 Plans For Tomorrow
4 Come Out Strong
5 Hope
6 Mad Bombers
7 Don't Ever Look Back
Country: US
Released: 01 Dec 2001
Genre: Electronic, Hip Hop
Style: Instrumental
Credits: Artwork By - Thomas Brierly
Engineer - James van Leuven
Instrumentation By - James van Leuven
Mastered By - Barry Corliss
Mixed By - Phil Ek
Trumpet - Bill Jones


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Gestalt Collective - Scrimmage One _ 2009


1. Chapter Thrive - Gestalt Freestyle (Produced by Ryan Stinson)
2. Spesh K Ft. Sadat X & Moka Only - That's It Y'all (Produced by Ryan Stinson)
3. Ira Lee - Jon Kills Garfield (Produced by Ira Lee)
4. Bridge - Donut Bites
5. Something Fresh! - Rewind It Again (Produced by AK)
6. Pull The Plug - Royal T (Produced by Ryan Stinson)
7. Something Fresh! - Rolling Crushed (Produced by Ryan Stinson)
8. Ira Lee - Tom Cruise (Produced by Scottfree & Cuts by DJ Bizkid)
9. Chadio - Angel (Produced by Ryan Stinson)

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Ripdate ...... : Jul-23-2009
Artist ....... : The Gaslamp Killer
Title ........ : Hell And The Lake Of Fire Ar
Label ........ : Hit And Run
Catalog ...... : none
Genre ........ : Electronic
Type ......... : Limited Edition
Source ....... : CDDA
Encoder ...... : Lame 3.97 (VBR-NEW V2)
Quality ...... : VBR/44.1kHz/Joint-Stereo
Tracks ....... : 01
Length ....... : 57:11 min
Filesize ..... : 71,5 MB

R e l e a s e n o t e s

New mix by The Motherfucking Gaslamp Killer! Limited to 1000 copies. Comes in paper sleeve. Experimental as always :) Electronic, breaks, rock, dubstep, The GLK is just
rocking the decks!

5 untitled parts on this cd, no tracklist available.

T r a c kl i s t

The Gaslamp Killer - Hell And The Lake Of Fire Are Waiting For You

01. Various Artists - Untitled 01
02. Various Artists - Untitled 02
03. Various Artists - Untitled 03
04. Various Artists - Untitled 04
05. Various Artists - Untitled 05

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buck fickdieschei├č

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click the picture for tracklist


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johnny 23


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LMNTL819 and Reindeer - views from the psychedelik deathcab 2009

Press Release
lmntl819 & reindeer united under the harvest moon of 2006 to begin work on the preparation of songs to form their debut collaborative effort ‘views from the psychedelik deathcab’. driven by the darkest of seasons and the isolation and cold therein, they saw to compose a series of musical sound-pieces to evoke frozen incantations of the dark of the winter solstice and beyond. both drawing heavily from their environments, lmntl819 from the snowy depths of northern quebec and reindeer from the frozen woodland groves of the surrey foothills; their songs score the creaking timbers of a stove-warmed cabin remote and far off distant within a winters dream. the wind howls and the thunder rumbles low as the ancient woods heave 'neath the turmoil. the cello and violin tumble and soar in desperate action as the pots and pans clatter to the sound of the guitar and banjo hammering out the desperate tune in frozen fingers gliding. all this bolstered under the weight of the thick swathes of drum breaks to paint a bleak and stirring canvass on which stolen voices cast their chilled and oftentimes desperate prose. views from the psychedleik deathcab is a slow procession into the frozen depths of that most darkest of seasons and just the beginning of a longer path yet un-traversed…

joined by the incredible musical talents of jenny blackbird, jamie romain and michael rea, lmntl819 has created a lavish, rich and truly cinematic soundscape of ten songs on which reindeer has delved deep into the very abyss of his work to construct some of his most visually striking, driven and indeed heartfelt prose. joined on numerous tracks by a host of some the greatest emcees currently operating within the international underground scene, three quarters of the papervehicle crew; the beastmaster, mildew and edison, babel fishh and evak1, filkoe176, swordplay, jamesphoney and wormhole, the album is awash with searing displays of both lyrical and vocal execution. cascading verses give way to near-silent passages of quiet uneasy contemplation as the sound of the open fire crackles before another wave of the storm comes crashing in upon thunderous breaks and awkward clattering of rusted machinery. views from the psychdelik deathcab is surely a formidable proposition on paper which does indeed managed to translate into the vocabulary of the multi-faceted alt-rap scene as it stands at the dawn of this new year of our lord 2009.

01. bethany falling [part one]
02. their magnificent descent
03. aqualung zodiac cancer
04. angel of sorrow ft. filkoe176 & jamesphoney
05. controlled chaos
06. phoenix rising ft. filkoe 176, the beastmaster, swordplay, edison, evak1, mildew, jamesphoney & babel fishh
07. pandora's box
08. appallonia dreaming ft. wormhole & jamesphoney
09. worst day of my life
10. bethany falling [part two]

bethany falling [part one]
written, produced, mixed and arranged by reindeer
violin by jenny blackbird
cello by jamie romain
additional strings by reindeer
field-recordings and sound design by reindeer

their magnificent descent
written and produced by lmntl819
mixed and arranged by lmntl819 and reindeer
vocals written and performed by reindeer
guitar, zither and recorder by michael rea
percussion by reindeer
field-recordings and sound design by reindeer

aqualung zodiak cancer
written, produced and arranged by lmntl819
mixed by lmntl819 and reindeer
vocals written and performed by reindeer
percussion by reindeer
field-recordings and sound design by reindeer

angel of sorrow
written and produced by lmntl819
mixed and arranged by lmntl819 and reindeer
vocals written and performed by reindeer, filkoe 176 and jamesphoney
cello by jamie romain
guitar, glockenspiel, harmonica, banjo and thumb piano by michael rea
perucssion by reindeer
field-recordings and sound design by reindeer

controlled chaos
written and produced by lmntl819
mixed and arranged by lmntl819 and reindeer
vocals written and performed by reindeer
violin by jenny blackbird
percussion by jenny blackbird and reindeer
field-recordings and sound design by reindeer

phoenix rising
written and produced by lmntl819
mixed and arranged by lmntl819 and reindeer
vocals written and performed by filkoe 176, reindeer, the beastmaster, swordplay, edison, evak1, mildew, jamesphoney and babel fishh
cello by jamie romain
guitar, glockenspiel, accordion and additional drum-programming by michael rea
percussion by reindeer
field-recordings and sound design by reindeer

pandora's box
written and produced by lmntl819
mixed snd arranged by lmntl819 and reindeer
vocals written and performed by reindeer
violin by jenny blackbird
guitar and bass by michael rea
percussion and additional drum-programming by reindeer
field-recordings and sound design by reindeer

apollonia dreaming
written and produced by lmntl819
mixed by lmntl819 and reindeer
arranged by reindeer
vocals written and performed by reindeer, wormhole and jamesphoney
cello by jamie romain
guitar by michael rea
piano by jamesphoney and reindeer
percussion by reindeer
field-recordings and sound design by reindeer

worst day of my life
written and produced by lmntl819
mixed and arranged by lmntl819 and reindeer
vocals written and performed by reindeer
violin by jenny blackbird
additional drum-programming by michael rea
field-recordings and sound design by reindeer

bethany falling [part two]
written, produced, mixed and arranged by reindeer
violin by jenny blackbird
cello by jamie romain
additional strings and drum-programming by reindeer
guitar by michael rea
field-recordings and sound design by reindeer



.:Track Listing:.

01. Evel Intro
02. House Of Bees feat. Sage Francis
03. Paid Dues feat. Sage Francis
04. Lucifer
05. Heart Failure
06. Sea Legs feat. Sage Francis
07. Open Letter to J.T.
08. Joan of Arcadia
09. One Breath Left
10. Dear Lefty
11. Survived Another Winter feat. Prolyphic, Alias, Sage Francis
12. Vin Diesel feat. Curtis Plum
13. One Breath Left (Jackson of Grand Buffet Remix)


"House of Bees Vol. 1" is the latest from B. Dolan of Strange Famous Records, a 50 minute compilation of unreleased songs, collaborations and remixes assembled by label-mate and UK producer Buddy Peace. This mix will be offered to the public both as a free download and as a limited run of signed, purchasable hard copies, available exclusively from!

Dolan's writing and delivery here is by turns venomous and vulnerable, playful and possessed, and Buddy Peace has got the range and depth of production to match his lyricist's every whim. A number of producers and emcees show up for cameos, including Jackson of Grand Buffet, Curtis Plum, Prolyphic, Alias, Aupheus, and Strange Famous label boss Sage Francis, who lends verses to a number of these songs.

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Johnny 23 -They Seemed To Have Wonderful Lives 2005

i n f o

ripper.: BombSquad
date ripped..: Mar-04-2007
label..: n/a
date released: 000-00-0000
encoder: Lame 3.97 v2
release size.: 36,3 MB
bitrate: VBR kbps
tracks.......: 08
mode...: Joint-Stereo
source.......: Vinyl
url....: n/a

n o t e s

buy this dope

d a t a

# t r a c k n a m e t i m e

01-lodeck-beautiful disease [03:50]
02-paramount ft. jak progresso-daily basis [04:09]
03-lodeck-beautiful disease (instr.) [02:40]
04-paramount ft. jak progresso-daily basis (instr.) [02:22]
05-benny the torch-total devastation [03:43]
06-jak progresso-willy wonka tab tongue [03:40]
07-phrieq-m.e.l.i [03:27]
08-benny the torch-total devastation (instr.) [02:08]

36,3 m e g s
t o t a l [25:59]

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Label..........: n/a
Genre..........: Rap
Rip Date.......: Dec-29-2006
Release Date...: 000-00-0000
Source.........: CDDA
Quality........: LAME 3.90 APS VBRkbps Joint-Stereo
Size...........: 71,4 MB
Artist Info....: n/a

01. Progresso Family Intro 01:02
02. Barn Axe 04:41
03. Skool Lunch 02:24
04. Swamp Vapors 02:22
05. Stab Wounds 01:53
06. Random Violence 03:33
07. Lingering 01:25
08. Peppermint Rainbow 01:55
09. Bobby Fisher 02:22
10. Kiss The Girls 03:11
11. Spiral Staircase 02:42
12. Bleeding Forest 03:00
13. Long Winter 03:45
14. Bright Future 01:56
15. I Hate Myself 02:56
16. Yearbook 03:21
17. Broken Antenna 02:44
18. Meditation 07:55
19. Pathetic Outro 07:58
Total Time: 61:05 min

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MHz - Table Scraps (Re-Issue) (2009)

(Copywrite, Camu Tao, Jakki Da Motamouth, Tage, RJD2)

In the beginning they were just five guys from Ohio. From an unlikely locale the five became some of the most influential people in underground Hip Hop. The MHz concept started with Copywrite who formed the group with longtime childhood friends Camu Tao and Jakki da Motamouth. The trio then met RJD2, who at the time was just getting in to producing Hip Hop. With RJD2 on board as their DJ, Tage joined the group and the five began recording together. A short time later Copywrite met Fondle 'Em's Bobbito Garcia who quickly helped the young rapper put out the single "Hollier than Thou" produced by RJD2. The single led to the meteoric rise of both Copywrite who signed to Eastern Conference Records and RJD2 who signed with Definitive Jux. But before any of that, there was Table Scraps. This is not a collection of what hit the floor, but a compilation of 12" singles and other cuts that led to the success of MHz and its members. Never before treated to a proper commercial release the time is right for rediscovery of this essential early material from Copywrite, Camu Tao, Jakki, Tage and RJD2.

.: Tracklist :.
1. 97 Intro
2. Rocket Science
3. Kryptenite
4. Couldn't Find Another
5. Magnetics
6. The Funnel
7. Absotively Posulutely
8. This Year
9. The Chosen
10. Combustion Spontaneous
11. World Premier
12. Creatively Wise
13. Widespread
14. Holier Than Thou
15. Rain
16. Counseling



01. Lazarus Phenomenon (Thavius Beck Remix)


Like-minded leftfield L.A. beatmaker and studio wizard Thavius Beck puts a woozy spin on bike for three's track "Lazarus Phenomenon".

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This here is a compilation of some of my work. Some will appear on the "Views From The Psychedelik Deathcab" EP, my collaboration with UK emcee reindeer, some are yet unreleased and some are instrumentals for songs that haven't been recorded yet. I put it up in some kind of mixtape format, 18 tracks blended together with various movie samples and stuff... Anyways, hope you guys enjoy it.

Here is the tracklisting:

1. mercury
2. controlled chaos ft. reindeer
3. psychedelik deathcab
4. take your seat ft. nolto & andrre
5. snake charmer ft. kwes
6. prometheus
7. aqualungzodiakcancer ft. reindeer
8. hellucinations
9. sell yourself ft. james p honey
10. wintertimelullaby
11. pandora's box ft. reindeer
12. phoenix rising
13. life benediction ft. myndwun
14. winter's end
15. worst day of my life ft. reindeer
16. insomnia
17. por-know ft. james p honey
18. birth of spring




b dolan, teengirl fantasy, doomtree, styrofoam, serengeti,
the goods, pos, sims, cecil harry potter, furious stylz,
tachichi & moves ft. buck 65 and so on.. . . . .

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penny unreleasable


Longevity - Sessions (2009)


J23 - Lodeck - Bash It (2002)



Panacea - The Re-route (2009)

01 The Scenic Route (Doug Life Remix)
02 Flashback to Stardom (DJ Spinna Remix)
03 Pops Said (Nicolay Remix)
04 Epiphany (DJ Nu Mark Remix)
05 Between Earth And Sky (Joe Beats Remix)
06 Bubble (Stoerok Remix)
07 Square 1 (Cool Calm Pete Remix)
08 Blue Ice (Mekalek Remix)
09 Walk In The Park (Damu Remix)
10 Aim High (Newman Remix)
11 Katana (Aeon Remix)
12 One Shine (K Murdock Arturian Remix)
13 The Missing (Panacea Remix)

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oskar ohlson
cecil harry potter
my brightest diamond

Saturday, July 18, 2009



.:Track Listing:.

01. Snake
02. Murder
03. How It Is (feat. Awol One / DJ ESP)
04. Chemical
05. Orbit Shift (feat. Sleep)
06. Grab More
07. Anything
08. Monster (feat. 2Mex)
09. Maybe
10. When Forever's Over (feat. Avatar)
11. Better Late Than Never
12. Seatbelt
13. Earthquake (feat. Matre / DJ ESP)
14. Baseketcase (feat. DJ Ethos)
15. Mercy Refused (feat. Myk Mansun / Gelroc / LifeRexall / Smile Oak / Existereo / Xololanxinco / evs / 2Mex / Volume 10 / Avatar / Bigg Jus / La Jae)


Neila is one of the dopest female emcee's out there but it's likely she'd rather you not lump her into that category and quite frankly I'd rank her with the best of the best in the underground! Follows up her 2004 album For Whom The Bells Crow, it has certainly been a long five years since her last solo but we most recently heard from her on 2007's Convenience with Tommy V and evs. But with time and age comes perfection and that's what Better Late Than Never is all about and couldn't have been better titled. From the banging beats to Neila's hypnotic monotonous flow, the imagery is vivid and the hip hop just the right amount of heavy to back it up. We were nodding our heads and replaying tracks the whole day when we got this and are proud to represent it! Featuring guest appearances by Sleep of Old Dominion, 2Mex, Awol One, Matre, DJ Ethos of Acid Reign, and one of the dopest posse cuts you'll hear all year with evs, Gelroc, Existereo, Xololanxinco, Volume 10, Bigg Jus and more! Produced by Avatar and released on LA2theBay!


MySpace URL:

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New Cocoon Myspace


It was a long road coming, but with the name brings the way we, as artists, push. The people picked for the initial cast are talented and progressive individuals that bring independent thoughts and flavor, ranging from Hawaii to the U.K. The label itself pushes into all directions and keeps with the name, New Cocoon, artists that are constantly changing and evolving alongside their music and genre. Everyone with their own ideas and motives… sounds and images, building off each other to make something new and beautiful.

“You can’t line us up and say our music bleeds together like a lot of other labels. It’s a collection of varying artists… everyone unique.”

- Slew email Slew at also, visit us on our myspace page

Free Download Here
(right click, save as)
The first Twilight Idols album,
"Apathetic palm reader"
available for free download? hell naw...
don't sleep, its a true masterpiece!


smear aries rising

the awesome album of my buddy smearbot
includes the rare track "help" with noah23


Si-klon - the window to the uniivers Free download


why he truly goes by the name of Si-Klon!!This Album consist of strong lyrics and beats.
The energy is very intense, this album was
re-mastered recently. If you purchased this
album when it was released, download it
here if you would like the re-mastered version.


MYN DWUN - Silenced Of Words 2.5 - .5

this is the new MYN DWUN instromental shit
for anybody who dont know this guy
Myn Dwun, aka Mr. Amazing, is a nude model and painter.
In fact, he's likely naked and painting right now. Look ma! No Hands!

his style of beat producing is more than different
MYN DWUN realy got his OWN style!!!

Download the track, instrumental, and acapella from Hand Solo Records!




some style like globalphlow-newcocoon and so on...
i like it!